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Golf for Kids!

You are invited to Serve Our Youth Network’s 3rd Annual Golf Outing to be held on Wednesday, September 10, 2008.  We will have a 1:00pm shotgun start and it will be a four person best shot.

This event will be held, once again, at Toad Valley Golf Course, located at 237 NE 80th St., Pleasant Hill.  The course is a 1/2 mile south of S.E. Polk High School.

The cost per golfer to register is $75 and that includes 18 holes of golf, a golf cart, and dinner when you finish.  You can register online at or by phone at (641) 620-9037.

We are also looking for hole sponsors.  A hole sponsorship is $250 and for that you’ll receive a sign at the hole sponsored, mention in the golf outing program, and mentioned in our bi-monthly newsletter and blog.

If you have any questions about the golf outing please contact Heather Comfort.  She can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (515) 971-2039.

We hope to see you there!

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Spring Banquet… by the Numbers

At our 4th annual Spring Banquet on Thursday, May 8th we had 247 guests.  We received $22,180 in gifts that evening with an additional $6,140 pledged (monthly & quarterly pledges annualized).  That brings the grand total raised to $28,320.  This does not include underwriting… this is only gifts and pledge cards received that evening, and pledge cards mailed to us after.

We would like to take time to thank our underwriting sponsors who helped make this evening possible:

We would also give a special thanks to those who helped make the program end of our banquet a success!

  • Barry Griswell, former CEO of Principal Financial Group for speaking
  • Brooke Bouma of WHO-TV who emceed
  • Darin Wogen who shared about his mentoring experience.
  • Chad Quist, Heidi Quist, and Suzanne Lenters for their special music.
  • Pastor Jane Brown of Meredith Drive Reformed Church for providing the Invocation and Pastor Clare DeBoef of Perry First United Methodist Church for giving the Benediction.
  • Jeff Larson for giving our pledge challenge.

Special thanks is also needed for our table hosts without whom we wouldn’t have had any guests!

  • Greg & Becky Abbot of Indianola
  • Rick & Emily Burger of Urbandale
  • Grace Butler of Pella
  • Heather & Seth Comfort of Des Moines
  • Dennis DeGroote of Woodward
  • Beth Draheim of Des Moines
  • Ken Ferguson of West Des Moines
  • Harold Grandia of Johnston
  • Greg & Judy Gear of West Des Moines
  • Paul Gratton of Des Moines
  • Kathy Howey of Pella
  • Joe & Jody Karge of Woodward
  • Evelyn Libby of West Des Moines
  • Joyce & John Lutz of Des Moines
  • Steve & Mary Quiner of Johnston
  • Susan Sorgenfrey of West Des Moines
  • Jeremy & Jen Stumbo of Ames
  • Rich & Elaine Thomson of Altoona
  • Mary Tomlinson of Des Moines
  • Dan & Linda Vander Hart of Des Moines
  • Scott & Tami Vander Hart of Urbandale
  • Shane & Cheryl Vander Hart of Pleasant Hill
  • Bernie & Marcia Van Roekel of Urbandale
  • Ken & Gloria Van Zee of Pella
  • Lois Vermeer of Pella

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Banquet Speaker – Barry Griswell

The former CEO of Principal Financial Group, Barry Griswell, was our speaker for our 4th Annual Spring Banquet.  Below is a video of parts of his speech.

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Save The Date! 4th Annual Spring Banquet (Update – 1/21/08)

Will be on Thursday, May 8, 2008 at 6:30pm.  Our speaker will be Barry Griswell, the CEO of Principal Financial Group.  The location is TBA, and more details will follow.  In the meantime, mark your calendars!

Update 1/21/08: It will be held at the Holiday Inn NW on Merle Hay Road in Des Moines.

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Christmas Progress

SOY 001

Yesterday gift cards were delivered to Youth Homes of Mid-America.  We originally planned to provide Wal-Mart and McDonald’s gift cards for 12 residents.  We learned that they were going to have 14 residents (which is unusual for them).  Fortunately due to the generosity of people like you we were given an extra Wal-Mart card which the amount needed for two individual cards, and we also were given extra McDonald’s gift cards as well.  Praise God.  Chrys Bitting, the clinical treatment director (pictured above), who received the cards shared that the kids get so excited and are so thankful when people think of them over Christmas.  They always send thank-you cards to us, and we’ll look forward to sharing those later on.

We shared the progress made with the PCYS shelter in an earlier post, but SOY 010wanted to give a visual update now that most of the gifts are in.  The shelter conference room has been taken over.SOY 011




SOY 012




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Christmas Needs Update

A couple of photos from the conference room in the youth shelter at Polk County Youth Services where we keep all of the presents for the kids at the shelter.  We are doing very well, and we just received $275 in Target gift cards yesterday, as well as, we know more presents are coming.  Also we can praise God for the Detention Center needs are taken care of, as well as, the needs at Youth Homes of Mid-America.

142 143

We will give an update at the final results, but we are excited about how people have responded this year!  Go God!

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Christmas Shopping For Good

goodshop Another easy way to help out SOY is using Good Search.  Thank you to everyone who has been using Good Search as their search engine and earning money for SOY with each search!  Good Search has now added a new area called Good Shop. If you are planning to buy anything online this year, please take a few moments to go to first.  Once you are there, click on Good Shop and click on one of the many stores to get to the shopping page. A few of the stores available are:

  • Gap
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Sears
  • Target
  • ebay

There are many more!  You can even buy airline tickets through Travelocity or Orbitz and SOY will receive a percentage! Just make sure you have chosen SOY as your charity to designate the funds to.  In just a few extra steps you can earn money for SOY at no cost to you!

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