Mentor Recruitment Ambassadors


1. a messenger on a special mission

Serve Our Youth Network needs messengers who are willing to share the truth that mentoring works: it helps young people make positive life choices while building their self-confidence and values.  We need recruiters willing to ask the people in their world to consider giving their time, wisdom, and friendship to young people waiting for an adult to care about them.  As a Mentor Recruitment Ambassador, or MRA, you are truly a messenger with a special mission.

It begins with the goal of recruiting five adults into the interview process with Serve Our Youth Network.  Ambassadors focus on recruiting new mentors from specific groups and settings to which they have access such as:

  • Congregations
  • Service organizations and clubs
  • Colleges & Universities

Each MRA will receive individual training & support, as well as, be able to participate in MRA team meetings as well.  Each MRA will receive an starter kit that will include:

If you are interested in being a Mentor Recruitment Ambassador please contact Shane Vander Hart at or (515) 321-5077 to schedule an MRA orientation.

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