Winterset Mentoring Needs

By Barb Shultz

We have the following mentor needs to fill in Winterset:

  • A 7th grade boy who would like to be a mechanic, enjoys being outdoors, hanging out with friends and would like to be matched with someone he can talk with easily.
  • A 5th grader who likes video games, animals, and bike riding.
  • A 6th grade girl who likes music, going for walks and talking on the phone.
  • An 8th grader who would like someone to “talk with about stuff”.
  • A 5th grader that likes fishing, motorcycles and dogs.
  • A girl that enjoys girly movies and likes to laugh.
  • A young girl that would like to become a veterinarian.

These are just a few of the young people we have that still need a mentor.  There are currently 20 kids matched with mentors in the Winterset area.  Many more would like to be matched that SOY doesn’t have mentors for.  All mentors attend training sessions and go through extensive background checks.

Think about it.  Who mentored you?  If you have a few minutes as week that you can spend with a young person and live in Winterset or Madison County please contact me at or (515) 250-8018.

In addition to the regular mentoring program, there is also an annual summer school program, which continues through the school year.  SOY is currently working with Winterset Community Schools to get an in-school program going.


Barb Shultz is the volunteer coordinator for our mentoring program in Winterset, IA.  Barb started as a mentor in 2003, and in 2005 joined SOY’s staff.  She is also involved in the youth ministry at her church – First Baptist Church in Winterset.

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