Go God!

By Shane Vander Hart 

Hey I thought I would share some praises from since last Wednesday.

  • I had the honor of leading a young lady to Christ after our Thursday evening Bible discussion groups at Polk County Youth Services’ Detention Center.
  • Bernie, Mary and I represented SOY at Valley Church’s Cool, Car & Bike Show who had us as the beneficiary of proceeds raised. That was the first time they made that event a fundraiser and we are thankful they chose us. We had our display set up and had a chance to meet some new people.
  • We have a new Bible discussion group leader starting for the Delta Company group at Woodward Academy on Sunday. Pretty soon I’ll be able to hand that group off to Randy Holl who is a member of Perry Bible Church (Perry, IA) to be able to move on to other things (like start new groups).
  • Six young men in that Sunday evening group trusted Christ for the first time as well.
  • Then last night I participated in a birthday party at the Polk County Youth Services’ Youth Shelter with a Bible study group consisting of people from Crossroads Church, Fellowship Bible Church, and Valley Church. It was a great evening, and I know the kids there look forward to it.

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