Thanks for Your Service David!

By Shane Vander Hart 

I wanted to take time to express my appreciation for the commitment that David Harris has demonstrated to the kids at Polk County Youth Services.David had been looking for a teaching position and just received an offer to teach up at the State Training School (State Correctional Facility for Boys) in Eldora, IA. His wife, Linda, will be teaching at an elementary school in Marshalltown, IA (which for a useless piece of trivia is where yours truly was born) where they will be moving.

For those of you who do not live in Iowa or are not that familiar with our great state. Eldora is 90 minutes from Des Moines and Marshalltown is 45 minutes away – so even as dedicated as David is 90 minutes after work on Thursday to travel down to Des Moines and then 45 minutes back home so he can continue on as a Bible discussion group leader just wouldn’t work. We praise God for this new chapter in his life, but he will also be sorely missed.

I just looked to see when he started volunteering with us – 9/21/03. Almost four years of service to the kids at Polk County Youth Services. Time sure flies. Thank you David, and we are excited that you will have a chance to serve juvenile offenders in a different and significant way in Eldora.


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