Glitter & Gold

By Shane Vander Hart 

On Thursday night just before walking out the door to go to our Bible discussion groups at Polk County Youth Services, my daughter Kelvey decided that she would “beautify” me (though I don’t know why she thought that was needed) by spraying some of her glitter spray on me. I thought I brushed it off as I walked to my car.

I get to Polk County Youth Services go inside the detention center, meet with the other leaders for prayer, and then go in to lead the Bible discussion group for the 600 Wing. As I was getting names and reminding the kids of the group guidelines one young man asks me, “Shane I don’t mean any disrespect, but do you have glitter on?” We all got a good laugh out of that – thanks Kelvey. We went on to discuss salvation talking about Christ’s death on the cross on our behalf and then the empty tomb. Two young men gave their lives to Christ.

I also had a chance to reconnect with a young man who had been there before. We had a good talk about decisions he has to make while on the “outs”, and committed myself to being available to walk with him through some of those changes. Another young man I spoke with just got in and his girlfriend is expecting. I wants to be there for his child unlike his own father. I was able to encourage him with scripture and we brainstormed some things that he could do when he is released. He was one of the two who received Christ, so he made a positive first step. Pray for those guys. Any I glittered, but that night was pure gold. Praise God.


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