Next Level Conference – Day Two

By Shane Vander Hart 

Day two at the Next Level Conference at Valley Church. It has been a slower day today. I listened to Phil Calloway speak, and then hung out with a group of youth pastors this morning and on into lunch at Fuddruckers – yum.

I wanted to include a picture of our display. Pretty exciting I know (the picture reminds me of my elementary school science fair). You may be wondering about the quilts – we have people who make quilts for the kids at the shelter and we like showcasing them. I just wish I had one that was long enough to cover the entire table. The dish contains candy in order to entice people to come over – doesn’t work so well right after lunch. Also I have been able to connect to Valley Church’s wireless network so I’ve had our website and blog up for people to read if they like (first time I’ve done that) – that also gives me the opportunity to write this post while still being at the conference. Anyway, good conference and good exposure for SOY. I missed it last year, so I am happy to be able to come back this year.


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