Pressing Needs at the PCYS Shelter

Many of you know that we provide many different services at Polk County Youth Services, and have been active at the youth shelter that they run since our inception. There are some pressing needs present at the shelter that we as the Body of Christ can help meet.

One such need is for clothing. Specific items that are needed include:

  • Sweats (all sizes)

  • T-shirts (all sizes, no print on them)

  • Men’s boxers (colored or printed – no white – various sizes)

  • Women’s bikini underwear (size 6 & 7 in particular)

The other need is for groups from churches to come to the shelter each month to host a birthday party. This is a wonderful way for followers of Jesus to demonstrate His love in practical ways as many kids in the shelter have not had this experience before. Almost every month is open for a group to host in 2007 (except April). Groups that host need to provide:

  • 4-10 adults to participate in the party (group member have to be at least 21-years-old)

  • A birthday cake (enough for 20 youth, 5 staff and however many volunteers you bring)

  • Snacks & sugar-free, caffeine-free drinks

  • Games and/or activities to do

Birthday parties are usually held from 6:30pm – 8:00pm on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evening.

If you are willing to help with a clothing donation or with hosting a party please contact Mary Tomlinson at (515) 321-7557 or at


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