Developing the 40 Assets in Your Ministry – 10/16/06

Serve Our Youth Network wants to invite YOU to a FREE Training on Monday, October 16 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm at Valley Church in West Des Moines.Our speaker will be Dr. Kara Powell who is the Executive Director of the Center of Youth and Family Ministries at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasedena, CA. She is also an assistant professor of youth and family ministry at Fuller. She also recently co-authored Deep Ministry in a Shallow World with Dr. Chap Clark.Dr. Powell will present research related to the 40 Developmental Assets, both that which has conducted by the Search Institute on adolescents in general, and that which has been conducted by Center for Youth and Family Ministries on under-resourced youth specifically. Kara will also share some insights and stories of how these assets can be used as ministry tools for your ministry, and in your volunteers’ mentoring relationships based on ministries that are currently doing so.This is a free training and we encourage all SOY volunteers & board members, pastors, youth pastors, and youth ministry volunteers to attend to learn how their ministry can help build assets in the lives of the youth in the Church and in the community.

You can RSVP to Shane Vander Hart at or at (515) 321-5077.


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